Sunday, November 27, 2011

{Gingerbread Man Freebie...}

So in my previous post I mentioned that I didn't have any freebies for my upcoming gingerbread unit but alas...I had some free time and made a simple counting one..

I love activities like this because it reinforces several skills such as number recognition, number correspondence, counting, cutting and gluing!  And the best part is the kids have no idea they are using so many skills until we go over it--Wonderful!

Anyway enjoy and have an awesome week! Click on the image to grab a copy.
P.S. Thank you to those who leave me comments! I love the words of encouragement and that you are able to use some of the things I have created--You ROCK!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

{T is for Turkey and Thanksgiving Part Deux...}

Happy [almost] turkey day!!  I don't know about you but I am ready for Thanksgiving... I really enjoy this holiday and having a few days to recooperate [I've been feeling a bit under the weather]...  I had the privilege of attending the ACSI Convention Monday and Tuesday and now I am able to spend some time with my family...

So here is a wrap of our two weeks of Thanksgiving in the Fantastic Frogs...

Paper Mache Turkeys
{Oh my word.. these were such fun and the kids really enjoyed the process}

Day One: Balloons, Newspaper & Watered down glue..

We wrapped a piece of maksing tape with the kids' initials written on it around the bottom so we could tell whose was whose {Disclaimer: I'm not sure if this grammatically correct}

Then we waited for them to dry over night...

Day Two: Brown Paint

Day Three: Feathers, Heads & Popping the Balloon

Tada!! Our Paper Mache Turkeys... Adorable, right?

Counting Tail Feathers
[this is a freebie in one of my previous posts]

Letter H
The kids had to cut out H and then decorated it with stickers that began with H
[hearts, hot air balloon, and cat in the hat stickers]

Handprint Turkey Hangers
{I saw this idea on pinterest...Handprints on cheesecloth/burlap, painted cardboard, and pipe cleaners decorated with colored pasta}

and finally our Thanksgiving Feast

This has been Thanksgiving in a nutshell...and next week we will be learning about the five senses through a gingerbread man themed unit... I am so excited!!

I don't have any freebies for this but Shannon over at Kindergarten Hoppenings has some A.W.E.S.O.M.E. gingerbread man activities that we are definitely going to be using..So head over there and check them out!  I am also excited to be part of the Gingerbread Man Exchange happening at Growing in Pre-K the kids have no idea yet so I can not wait to see their expressions...

On that note I pray that you all have a blessed Thanksgiving and enjoy the "little moments" with the ones you love...

Monday, November 14, 2011

{Turkey Freebie...}

Hey there fellow bloggers!  Here is a turkey freebie for you...Happy Monday!

Click here to grab your copy!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

{T is for Turkey and Thanksgiving...}

Thanksgiving is such an awesome time of year!  It reminds me to be thankful and it is a great opportunity to teach kids with it means to be appreciative for what they have in their lives.  Not only that but it allows The Fantastic Frogs to do a lot of fun activities...Yay!

So there are been a few staffing changes happening in our school that directly affect my age group.  These last few weeks have been trying and of course parent conferences are coming up next week so needless to say I have been exhausted...So I apologize for my lack of posts but here are some of the fun things we did this week for Thanksgiving...

1. Thankful Crosses

2. Corn Husks

3. Beginning Sounds Match Up

*I originally found this on Kindergarten Hoppenings.  Shannon has an apple and leaf version available but since we were studying Thanksgiving I created a Turkey version.

4. Hanging Turkeys

5. Give Thanks Banner

So stay tuned for next week!  On the agenda paper mache turkeys, a TLC project, and maybe a FREEBIE!

Happy Blogging!