Sunday, January 29, 2012


This was the first time we had ever done fairy tales as a thematic unit, but we had a lot of fun learning about variations of familiar stories... I was unable to snap pictures of everything but here is a little recap of what went down..

So since most of my class already knew the fairy tales we discussed I decided to share with them the different versions, I used the Stinky Cheese Man book since it already contained several fairy tales...

1. The Ugly Duckling
[feather painting]

Directed drawing of a swan
[these were incredible]

2. Jack and the Bean Stalk
[planting beans]

"J" is for Jack
[cutting out letter J and gluing beans]

3. The Three Little Pigs

4. Little Red Riding Hood
[We recreated the story]

5. The Little Red Hen [makes a pizza]
We made the Little Red Hens found here at Pattie's Classroom and Pizza Rolls that I saw on Pinterest... It was a rather crazy day and I have no pictures :( 

Thanks for sticking around! Have an awesome week!

{A hodge-podge of things...}

Welcome back! Here is a collection of what we did in the last weeks of January--it's basically a hodge podge of things but hopefully you'll find something useful :)  Alright here we go...

1. Heart Art
[As we learned about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. the kids painted one of their hands then had a friend paint the other.  Then each child wrote what a friend is on a notecard... I failed to take a picture of the finished projects...sorry...]

2. Practicing writing our letters on the white board before we try it on paper

3. Popsicle Penguins

4. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 
[this reminds me of a TLC art project and when they were the kids dictated a sentence to me about what Dr. King believed]

5. We learned about hibernation and what kinds of animals hibernate...

See a mush pot of stuff... but still incredibly fun!  Until next time!

{Winter... Sort of..'}

Hooray!! We have made it through another time-I can't believe how fast time goes by... I commend all you bloggers who consistently post on your blogs, I am having the hardest time staying on top of it and now I have about 3 weeks worth of pictures to share with you.. So with that said here is a post on winter {something we had a bit of difficulty with since we have only had 2 days of rain so far and it is has been in the 80's lately... Gotta love Southern California}

Anywho here we go!
1. Melted Snowman
[Kids tear a melted snowman shape and then add features with a little poem]

2. Playing with "snow"

3. Writing Activity
[Kids make hot cocoa mugs then wrote the sentence "Winter is _____" and filled the blank with their idea]

4. Cutting snowflakes

5. After reading Snowmen at Night the kids drew pictures of what they would do if they stayed up all night...

6. "If I lived in a snowglobe..."
[saw this on Pinterest!]

7. Ordering numbers with polar bears

8. Handprint polar bears and a snowy scene

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

{So Flattered...}

I was so flattered when I opened my email and discovered I had been awarded the Liebster Award by KinderKidsFun!  I was so thrilled--my first award! Thank you!!

Here are the rules:
1. Copy and paste the award on your blog
2. Thank the giver and link your post back to them
3.  Reveal YOUR top 5 picks and leave them and comment letting them know
4.  Hope your followers will share the love with them :)

So here are my picks:
Thanks again so much!!


Monday, January 2, 2012

{Christmas time is here...}

Okay well Christmas is technically over but I would still like to share some of the fun things we did... So here we go...

1. "J" is for Jesus... Saw these on Pinterest... Too Cute..

2. Our elf, Oslo, came to visit us this month to share the story of Jesus and some special treats...The kids loved hearing what Oslo had to share about the first Christmas and the Reason for the Season..
 Mini Donuts
 Snow Rice Angels
Hanging out with some characters...

3. Painting Christmas Lights

4. Rectangle Christmas Trees
*I saw these over at Little Giraffes... I give the kids the pieces and instruct them to go smallest to biggest...then they decorated their trees with sticker ornaments

5. What gift would you give baby Jesus?

6. Writing Letters to Santa

7. Christmas Tangrams

8. Counting Ornaments on the Tree

9. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

10. Green Rice Wreaths

For the parents, we make handprint ornaments... I took a picture of the front and then deleted it.. [fail] but I got the idea from Little Giraffes so if you visit them you can see it... Basically the kids make their handprint on the ornament and then it is decorated to look like snowmen... Adorable.. I can't believe I deleted the picture...

This month: Winter, Artic Animals, Hibernation and Fairy Tales...Stay tuned! 

{Gingerbread Man....}

So after a very long hiatus I am glad to be back!  The month of December was such a whirlwind and I can not believe that we are in a new year! On to the Gingerbread Man..

1. Gingerbread Man cookies

2. Gingerbread Man Glyph

  3. How to make sure the Gingerbread Man can not escape Book 

4. Counting Buttons
*This freebie can be found here at my previous post

 5. Gingerbread Cinnamon Ornaments
*I made these last year but I could not remember the I tried one I found online but it didn't work very well... These guys were really goopy, thin and began breaking as they dried...If anyone has a recipe that they use I would love to know what it is... Thank You!

6. Beginning Sounds Match Up
*I originally found these over at Kindergarten Hoppenings but the gingerbread man one Shannon made available was a bit too advanced for my kids so I adapted one to fit my needs... Shannon has a lot of great stuff available so you should definitely check it out.. and she just had her first baby boy! So precious.. 

7. Cookie Cutter Painting

8. & 9. Patterning and Medial Sounds

10. Graphing
After making and decorating gingerbread cookies we graphed which part of the cookie we ate first... You can also see our Gingerbread Man Glyphs

We also participated in a Gingerbread Man exchange hosted by Ellis over at Growing in Pre-K... We had so much fun mailing and receiving gingerbread in the mail.. Here is a map of everything we received...

So that was our Gingerbread Man week...Next up Christmas!!