Monday, January 2, 2012

{Christmas time is here...}

Okay well Christmas is technically over but I would still like to share some of the fun things we did... So here we go...

1. "J" is for Jesus... Saw these on Pinterest... Too Cute..

2. Our elf, Oslo, came to visit us this month to share the story of Jesus and some special treats...The kids loved hearing what Oslo had to share about the first Christmas and the Reason for the Season..
 Mini Donuts
 Snow Rice Angels
Hanging out with some characters...

3. Painting Christmas Lights

4. Rectangle Christmas Trees
*I saw these over at Little Giraffes... I give the kids the pieces and instruct them to go smallest to biggest...then they decorated their trees with sticker ornaments

5. What gift would you give baby Jesus?

6. Writing Letters to Santa

7. Christmas Tangrams

8. Counting Ornaments on the Tree

9. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

10. Green Rice Wreaths

For the parents, we make handprint ornaments... I took a picture of the front and then deleted it.. [fail] but I got the idea from Little Giraffes so if you visit them you can see it... Basically the kids make their handprint on the ornament and then it is decorated to look like snowmen... Adorable.. I can't believe I deleted the picture...

This month: Winter, Artic Animals, Hibernation and Fairy Tales...Stay tuned! 

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