Sunday, January 29, 2012

{Winter... Sort of..'}

Hooray!! We have made it through another time-I can't believe how fast time goes by... I commend all you bloggers who consistently post on your blogs, I am having the hardest time staying on top of it and now I have about 3 weeks worth of pictures to share with you.. So with that said here is a post on winter {something we had a bit of difficulty with since we have only had 2 days of rain so far and it is has been in the 80's lately... Gotta love Southern California}

Anywho here we go!
1. Melted Snowman
[Kids tear a melted snowman shape and then add features with a little poem]

2. Playing with "snow"

3. Writing Activity
[Kids make hot cocoa mugs then wrote the sentence "Winter is _____" and filled the blank with their idea]

4. Cutting snowflakes

5. After reading Snowmen at Night the kids drew pictures of what they would do if they stayed up all night...

6. "If I lived in a snowglobe..."
[saw this on Pinterest!]

7. Ordering numbers with polar bears

8. Handprint polar bears and a snowy scene

Thanks for reading!

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