Sunday, September 25, 2011

{Apple Freebies...}

I am loving the sweater weather we are currently having in Southern California!  Although it does make me want to stay in my jammies with a good book and some hot tea! 

Anywho, last week The Fantastic Frogs continued with All About Me week, but alas I forgot to take pictures of all the fun stuff we did... I will take them tomorrow and add them to my next post about Apples...

So next week we are going to be learning all about apples...Some of the fun things we have planned include tasting apples, graphing, stained glass apples, painting apples, making torn apples, interactive reading and writing about apples and an apple experiment involving apples and lemon juice... These are just a few of the things we have going on... Even though we haven't started our apple week yet I wanted to share a few freebies with you...To get your copy just click on the picture...

This is a number correspondence activity... Sometimes I slip these into sheet protectors and let the kids work in them with dry erase markers or sometimes just part of a center to go with an additional activity...
This is one that I created based on one I found at Little Giraffes... I think it came from a Mailbox Magazine but couldn't find any other information so I recreated my own... We will do this the day we taste apples!
I am really looking forward to next week!  The Fantastic Frogs are going to have a great time!  

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