Saturday, October 1, 2011

{Made it to October...}

Hello October! We made it!! Whew.. September flew by and boy were we busy!  My little darlings are adorable and we have so much fun [we're still working on classroom procedures...but hey, as Pete the Cat would say "It's all good!"]

So I finally took pictures of our other All About Me projects and some Apple things we worked on...

These are self portraits of the kids...They added their selected hair color and added eyes, a nose and mouth... Then after we read A my name is Alice... we did an extented writing activity... I think they turned out S-U-P-E-R adorable... These are definitely going in their portfolios..

Family Trees!  My team teacher and I had the kids paint the trunk of the tree and had them dictate to us the people who live in their house...Then the leaves and names were added... This was a great language activity and led to a lot of fun discussions...

Okay, I think I've covered all the All About Me things... On to Apples!

So some of the books we read were
-Apple Trouble
-Johnny Appleseed
-Apples and Autumn
-Ten Apples on Top
-Up! Up! Up! It's Apple Pickin' Time
-A Day at the Apple Orchard
-Big Red Apple
-Little Mouse and the Big Apple

Apple Themes are so fun and there is so much to do out there!  We used to do two weeks but now we're down to just one so we gotta pack it all in...

On Monday, we tasted apples and completed our graph... We also completed our Apple Investigation page which I snagged over at Julie Lee's blog... It was awesome and the kids had a great time... Well anytime food is involved they're excited...

After tasting apples we wrote sentences using "juicy" words to describe apples...

This is not the best picture-I thought I had a better one but here are the stained glass apples... I think I loved this the best--they came out fabulous!! We also painted paper plates into apples and added the phrase "Apple of my Eye"  don't know where pictures of thos are either..haha

I saw this anchor chart on Cara Carroll's fantastic blog The First Grade Parade... She has a ton a great ideas... I know she teaches first grade, but a lot of her activities can be adapted to meet the needs of my kids, such as this chart to teach the parts of an apple... It was so cute, whenever they had an apple for lunch they would label the parts...

We also used these sequencing cards [also found at The First Grade Parade] to learn how apples grow...

We also did a pocket chart poem that I found somewhere online [which is another picture I can't find..Ugh!] but here is what is said
This is apple happy.
This is apple sad.
This is apple sleeping.
This is apple mad.
This is apple in pieces small.
But in pie he's best of all.
[I added die cuts of apples with the appropriate expressions... the kids do this as a center]

And finally, we did an apple themed beginning sounds activity I found over at Kindergarten Hoppenings... Shannon has some awesome things to do with your class!

Next week we're on to Fall so I'll be back with those updates next week!  I hope that you find these activities and projects helpful and I would love if you would follow my blog. 

Happy Blogging! 

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