Wednesday, February 15, 2012

{Valentine's Day & the 100th Day of School...}

If you're like me you may have celebrated Single's Awareness Day or perhaps you celebrated Valentine's Day, either way yesterday was pretty awesome... My sister and I each invited a friend to dinner and a movie [we saw The Vow, which I thought was adorable] and had the best time! 

So I know this is a little afte the fact and and truly intended to post some of these before Valentine's Day but it just didn't happen... Hopefully you can use these in the future or for whenever... Stick around--there might be some freebies at the end!

1.  Heart Cookie Cutter Painting 

2. Puppy Love...We made puppies using only heart shapes..I think this may have come from a Mailbox Magazine..

3. Working on sight words..I am so proud of my kids!  I have seen similiar activities to this one, I just created it to meet my students needs.. they find the heart {I just used a die cut} with the matching sight word, color the heart and write the word...

4. Heart Play Doh Mat

5. Practicing writing our numbers and counting

6. Making Valentines! We had the privilege of being part of the Valentine Exchange organized by Ellis over at Growing in Pre-K... So fun...

7. Estimating.. Their estimation is in green and actual number is in red... We discussed reasonable estimations...

8. Yarn Heart.. This came from a Family Fun Magazine.. We dipped yarn into water/glue mixture and laid them into the heart...the key is to lay them in a thin layer so they come out like this [see below]

9. Sorting and Graphing Candy Hearts.. I apologize for the poor quality this is my camera phone.... This came from Little Giraffes

10. So I was on Pinterest and saw these adorable crayon hearts so I made them for my kids for Valentine's Day... 

{100th Day of School}

Banner outside our door

100th Day of School Crown... find it over at Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten

Counting to 100 using our mat to make a Fruit Loop necklace...

Seeing how many times we can write our name in 100 seconds... I also got this from Mrs. Lee's blog.. really she rocks..check her out!

And last but not least, the freebies I promised... Click the image to get your copy...So I know I'm not the first one to have developed these but they are what I made to help my kids... Okay...That's my little disclaimer... 

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