Wednesday, February 15, 2012

{Community Workers...}

I so wanted to blog this weekend but I was not feeling it... You know that feeling when you think you're getting sick but it never really reaches that point? That's where I'm at... I wish my body would make up its mind.. On the plus side I just found out we could jeans for the reminder of the week so I am a happy girl.... That and it's Teacher Appreciation Week and my kids and parents have been so sweet!! I love them!

Anywho on to Community Workers... This is from a few weeks ago so I'm just posting some of the pictures I have.... Here we go..

1. We used various shapes to make firetrucks and read Firefighter Ted

2. Tool Boxes

3. Playing with nuts and bolts

4. Made a toothbrush and read Doctor DeSoto

I know there isn't a whole lot but I still wanted to give you a peek at what we are doing...

Happy Wednesday!

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