Sunday, March 11, 2012

{The Zoo...Part Deux..}

Alrighty..Here we go...the Zoo Part Deux.. This week we covered peacocks, zebras, and alligators... Please make sure the visit the Zoo Part I...Enjoy!

1.  Patterns... this came from KindergartenHoppenings... Shannon has some great stuff...

2. Peacocks!

3. Zebra Stripes

4. Investigating our fingerprints and graphing which ones we have...

 5. Tree Frogs

6. "At the zoo I see a..."
We charted our sentences earlier in the week and I types them out for this activity... original found at Little Giraffes

7. Anchor Charts..we had one for each animal.. the kids shared a piece of knowledge and added it to our chart..

We also did the alligators found at krazyforkindergarten but I happened to be out that day so I didn't take pictures...

However, here is something I hope you can use!  Later gators!
Click here for a copy

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