Monday, August 29, 2011

{Freebie Friday...}

I know Friday has come and gone, but I missed Freebie Friday (I was out of town--one last hoorah before school starts)... So here it is... During the summer I began reading Literacy Beginnings (Gay Su Pinnell and Irene C. Fountas), as part of a blog study, and got some really great ideas to enhance the learning in my class...
One of the suggestions was to include Letter Books to the classroom library, small groups or circle time as children become more familiar with letters, sounds and names, and letter relationships.  These Letter Books focus on one letter allowing children to develop alphabetic knowledge, begining phonics, and early concepts of print.  In the text, the authors give examples of where these letter books can be found but since I don't have access to those at the moment I created a few using the model mentioned by the authors.  I have only done a few of the vowels based on the scope and sequence of the curriculum we use at my school.  As the year progresses I will make more avaliable until the whole alphabet is done! 
This is what the "A" book looks like (the others are the same format)

You can get your copies here (A), here (E), here (I), and here (O).  [I still haven't figured how to get them all in one place!]  Just print and copy back to back to have Letter Books!

I also wanted to include some number cards that I made.  My classroom theme is the Fantastic Frogs and I wanted number cards to use during calendar time that reflected my theme so... these were born...

There is a card for numbers 1-20.  Print, cut and laminate and voila!
Download your own set by clicking here.

Again so sorry I missed Friday, but I hope you enjoy and are able to use these freebies--if not pass them onto a friend! 

Wishing you the best week!!

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