Sunday, August 7, 2011

{I Have, Who Has...}

So I don't know about your classes but my kids last year were OBSESSED with the I Have, Who Has card game...

I had seen quite a few variations of the game from addition, subtraction, colors, shapes, history facts and pretty much everything you can think of...and I have to admit they're pretty great!  After playing and monitoring the game a few times my kids were able to play independently as a center or free choice activity...and the best part was I knew they were developing and practicing their academic and social skills.

One version that I really liked was created by Karen over at PreKinders [which is a FABULOUS preschool blog--she has lots of creative and wonderful ideas].  She created her own cards for I Have, Who Has Shapes where she used visual cues to help her students play successfully--I loved this and understood the significance of symbols to help the students enjoy the game.  You can find and read the instructions and suggestions for playing here:

So following Karen's format of using symbols I created a I Have, Who Has Letters version.  Like Karen talks about in her post this can be a small group or independent activity that all children can enjoy!

Here is preview of what the cards look like...

  You can download the Letters version here:

I apologize for there being so many documents...I created them as different files and have no idea how to combine them without messing with the format :)

I know some of you are getting ready to go back to school soon and I wish you the best of luck!

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